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I no longer ask "What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to hang onto?" Instead I ask"What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to give myself to?"

—Richard Rohr 

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Land of Enchantment Part 2

After leaving Abiquiu, Cynthia and I couldn't stop talking about it, and how we could return. Our friends Todd and Susannah had found a community south of Santa Fe called Eldorado. They were learning about it and sharing what they learned. By the end of August, we needed to take a closer look and either make a plan or stop thinking about it. The homes we saw were as seductive as the land, and the Light...for me it is always about the Light. There was no Pros or Cons list or analysis. It was always our shared feeling state so we moved forward on the wings of...

We are so grateful to the friends and neighbors and collectors who helped us get to Santa Fe. We couldn't have done it without their energy and support.

Our neighbor sold our house in March in 3 days. We brought the paintings April 1st and 2nd. Our friend and neighbor filled his SUV with paintings, and we filled the Saab wagon. We found our home the first week in our Realtor suggested, and a astrological pal predicted. Then we drove home to Colorado, where every neighbor and friend pitched in for the extraction, to get us ready for Bekins and to drive to Santa Fe on April 24. Friends were packing our cars, cleaning, vacuuming, helping with the pets, and beds for the final night. ..and giving moral support. It was truly amazing what took place, and it was painful to say good bye.

The Casita we rented was a block from the Santa Fe River, near a magical park and Our lady of Guadalupe Church. The first morning and several after, there were tears of joy. Being in the heart of Santa Fe was enchanting and envigorating. Our perfect historical Casita fit the 4 of us just right. Cynthia, Floyd, and I went to the House everyday to work. Then we went back to the Casita for dinner and sleeping, until May 30th. The house was ready for us, and Emmy was ready to be with us full time, not just at night. We moved in and our house is becoming the perfect new home.

This summer was joy-filled. Eldorado Art Tour introduced us to artists and new friends. We took excursions at least once a week, some with the Van Dykes...sometimes we just ran into them. Cynthia started coffee klatch with new neighbors. Each day was a delight watching daybreak then seeing hummingbirds, sunsets, having wonderful visits from friends, and getting to know the land.

Fall is here now. Next door there is a tree turning red. Our trees are starting to have some yellow.The adventure continues and we wonder what fall and winter will hold. Gratitude is the theme here... still enchanted every day.

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