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I no longer ask "What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to hang onto?" Instead I ask"What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to give myself to?"

—Richard Rohr 

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Ridgway Workshop

"Thanks to everyone for making this such a super workshop.  Loretta and I couldn't wait to show our sketch books to our WaWa (Women who watercolor on Wednesday) friends...Susan, you'll have to share yours when you return from Denver. I sure learned a great deal this time around and really enjoyed the energy and camaraderie of the group."—Judy Hazen

 "What a great Workshop! It was fun, informative, and good to do the exercises again with a different organic item. I love my rock."—Lynn Wooton

"I shared my sketchbook with the Black Canyon Artists group yesterday and then with my friend who owns the Around the Corner Art Gallery yesterday afternoon.  All of my art buddies were amazed at the depth we explored about design in your workshop. They were envious, too, of the great overall experience of "right-brainedness" we achieved while having such fun."—Loretta Casler 

Nicole Fox

 I am so thrilled for my art student, Nicole Fox, America's Next Top Model! Nicole's intelligence, integrity, and hard work led to a win in November '09 on ANTM on the CW network.

"Linda, yesterday i was having a conversation with someone about art, and of course I ended up talking about the things you taught me, and about how you opened my eyes and changed the way i saw the world. I told them that had you not come into my life, i would not be the same person, and the world wouldn't look as beautiful. I wanted to tell you this to thank you, because i cant imagine my life without having met you."

Arlene Fox

I am so excited to work with Linda and my other class colleagues...LOVE this online collaboritive, VIRTUAL classroom! I am excited to finish Lesson 1 this weekend...and am going on a "field trip" with my scetch book to the Botanic Gardens on Monday (with my mom....whom has never had the opportunity to go, and loves a DOUBLE treat for me, to be able to take her along). Thank you Linda for the wonderful format of learning and loving art and the art process. -Arlene 


Susannah Van Dyke


"I was looking for a class that would help me to improve my work.

Linda provided a creative haven for me to explore new ideas.

Guidelines, samples and demonstrations allowed my creativity  to flourish.

I began to feel a renewed sense of direction.

I began to experiment and explore on my own with renewed enthusiasm for my artistic journey. Then I began to win prizes in art shows. I'm so grateful to Linda for opening a deeper pursuit of art in my life.I highly recommend her classes."

Susannah Van Dyke, Artist & Teacher

Winner of 2009 Best of Show Lafayette Community Art Show
Art Teacher for the Lafayette and Louisville Senior Centers


Deb Kloor

"For me, Linda's classes were my place to go where I was able to do artistic exploration combined with self exploration like I did nowhere else. I learned how creating art can be important for healing as I was

navigating my journey through divorce. It was as if I was entering another world for a couple of hours each week,  free from the stress of daily living  where all possibilities opened to me." Deb Kloor, artist and craniosacral therapist