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Linda Armantrout

Linda Armantrout painted a series of Power Images shown as Horse Power as Spirit. “Power Image No. 7- Connection to Ancestors” started a series, using rock and cave paintings as a touch point. The work is about connections to ancestors, artists, and shamans who made ancient marks, the idea of leaving marks on top of marks, and an agreement that “We are all related” across time and across continents. The most recent evolution is the Spirit Messenger Series shown as Reconnection to Spirit at Sellars Project Space in the Twitchell Building in Salida, Colorado.
Armantrout’s work offers symbolically charged animals and people, as  messengers of the power of Spirit. It is important to the artist to paint from a state of exploration and experimentation. Her intention is to allow room in each piece for the viewer to find personal meaning and connection.


Linda has been encouraged by curators, Sally L. Perisho, Ken Bloom, and Jerry Allen Gilmore.  Her work was selected into various regional group exhibits by Dianne Vanderlip and Gwen Chanzit (Denver Art Museum), and she received a juror’s award from Debra Jordy. 

This quote describes the message best and comes from the Denver Art Museum:

"Animals generate a feeling of reverence and awe among followers of different religious traditions and help us bond with some form of the sacred. Depending on the religion, an artistic rendering of divine spirit, a connection to an ancestor, or an earthly form taken by a higher being. Animals can also act as guardians or guides." December, 2017