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Welcome to Armantrout Studio

Armantrout Studio is the working studio and classroom of artist Linda Armantrout. Her work is about gesture and color. Linda has been encouraged by curators, Sally L. Perisho, Ken Bloom, and Jerry Allen Gilmore.  Her work was selected into group exhibits by Dianne Vanderlip and Gwen Chanzit , and she received a juror’s award from Debra Jordy. Read more about Linda Armantrout 

Studio News

Check out news about the Studio below. If you aren't on our mailing list please sign up on the left and be sure to join us on Facebook at Armantrout Studio. If you are new to the site please scroll and read previous pages in Studio News to see more of the artist's journey and body of work.


The Bison has been officially named National Mammal

Please check out Available Paintings to buy one for your home.


Bison Poised to become the National Mammal

Of the EarthBison may be getting the recognition they deserve. After surviving decades of aggressive hunting that dwindled their numbers near the point of extinction, a Congressional bill seeks to establish the American bison as the national mammal of the United States. The bill, which was passed by the Senate in December and the House this week, is the result of a five-year campaign by conservation and Native American groups to get some recognition for the hulking plains-dwellers. Bison have survived much worse than the human threat: as a species more than 10,000 years old, they're a relic from the Ice Age that managed to survive what mammoths did not. Click here for available images.


A Meaningful First Quarter

Reconnection to SpiritArmantrout Studio took a break from self-promotion during the first quarter of 2016. Linda took a long awaited trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida to visit good friends and refresh her perspective. She began a personal piece that measures 120 inches by 36 inches. Lots of energy is moving in Armantrout Studio. It's time to introduce the work that was finished in 2015. In addition to key pieces seen above. Linda began a new direction in the Spirit Messenger series. Linda also added an unstretched piece to be hung with square head nails called Winter Count. To see more and sizes and prices click on Available Paintings.



Image and Word offeringArmantrout Studio is starting the year with a link to an online poetry journal published by Firestone Feinberg. Firestone has invited Linda's friend, Joe Hutchison, Colorado's Poet Laureate, to publish new work. Linda and Joe produced an ekphrastic event titled Image and Word in August of 2014. The poem Spirit Guide was a response to Linda's painting that was a response to a poem by Maria Melendez Kelson. To read more about the event, click Studio News. To read Joe's wonderful poem click here. 


Paintings at the St. Julien Hotel November through January 3r

Buffalo Spirit Rising -ArmantroutJanet Russell of Creative Framing Art Gallery in the Louisville Arts District is sponsoring Linda Armantrout’s paintings at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder for November, December, and January. Linda's body of work using the bison and horse as icons is hanging with recent paintings by Mike Brouse and the abstracts of Tabitha Benedict Aaron. You are welcome to join us at the Artists' Reception at the St. Julien Hotel on Friday, November, 20th from 6:30pm-8:30pm