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I no longer ask "What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to hang onto?" Instead I ask"What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to give myself to?"

—Richard Rohr 

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This blog is for discussions on Art and Design in support of students, artists, and buyers of Art. It is a way to have some fun with my home studio and on-line students and anyone interested in Art History and current events. Comment on this blog as an opportunity to share recent shows and events and thoughts about your own art process.
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John Lencicki 


John Lencicki taught me to paint. He was a caring, patient, and brilliant teacher. He was excellent company. 

John Alexander Lencicki passed away on Saturday, March 28, 2015. Born in Westfield, Massachusetts, John served in the 97th Infantry Division, which was active in both the European and Pacific Theater. Following his military service, he attended Pratt Institute of New York, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. John worked as a professional artist his entire career. He was nationally known for his oil painting and was featured in American Artist Magazine in 1998. In addition to being a husband, a father, and an artist, he was also a teacher. An instructor at the Art Students League of Denver and the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, his advice to all artists, professional and amateur, was the same: "DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!" John is survived by his wife, Barbara Lencicki of Denver, CO; three sisters, Rose Lisowski, Genofa Wrovlewski, Sister Theresa Lencicki; and his son Alexander Lencicki of Brooklyn, NY. He has two grandchildren, Ruby and Dashiell Lencicki. Both love to draw. 

John's wonderful wife Barbara organized Coloritalia Workshops so we could benefit from his plein air expertise. They were excellent hosts.  

 John ’s friendship extended to his agreeing to come to Louisville Art Association as a Juror for the National Show and for workshops. I treasure that he kept in touch with me after my studies were concluded. In addition to 2 Coloritalia Workshops, I took 3 painting and  2 drawing classes with John. My students benefit from what I learned. "Draw, Draw. Draw!"

 He is in my heart forever. 



Serendipity informs the process and the teaching

Hmmm. Happy coincidences, or blessings, or opportunities to just surrender to the Universe informing me in a timely manner? Three days after the post below about Henry Darger, I went to the opening at 15th Street Studio in Boulder. I had been excited to see the one woman show of Livia Stein and meet the artist.
Each collage and mixed media piece was delicious and deserved a long look. My friend and I remarked that we were thinking of the film of the fantasy work of Darger, as we journeyed through the magical world of Livia Stein's show. As I studied one piece, I found a scrap of paper with Henry's name and the title, In the Realms of the Unreal. When it was my turn to chat with the artist. I mentioned the scrap. She wasn't familiar with Henry or the film...she looked closely at the incorporated "note to self". She recalled that the model she was drawing many years before had talked a lot and named the film. She said she would have to see it on Netflix. Let that settle for awhile

Last Saturday morning, in class, I told this story and encouraged my class to see the work of Livia Stein that is up until November 29th. I also mentioned that 15th Street Studio had a 4 person show several years ago with four California artists. The gallery had invited 2 artists who each invited one other artist. It also was a terrific show, and why I knew to go see Livia's show and to tell all of you to go. Then we continued class with a lesson on the Element of Line. One of my students brought a magazine to share with a cover illustration that tied in with the lecture. Another student encouraged me to flip to the contents and share the name of the cover artist. The drawing looked familiar and was by Heather Wilcoxon. Sunday night I was checking the artist's images on the internet for a follow up email to the students. When I saw the images, I realized immediately that Heather Wilcoxon was the artist in the 4 person show who invited Livia Stein. We see what we are ready to see. 

15th Street Studio, Boulder, Colorado 


Livia Stein 







Heather Wilcoxon


In the Realms of the Unreal….

I just found this movie and this artist. I am entirely fascinated by the work, the artist , and the viewpoint of the filmmaker, Jessica Yu. Click on image to enlarge.


"Image and Word: Art and Poetry in Conversation" SOLD OUT

All Seats have been SOLD

Standing Room Only tickets will be sold at the door.

Stop by at 8:30 pm  to enjoy the exhibit and after-party with music by Many Mountains. (free will donations to benefit the Louisville Cultural Council welcome.)

Join us for the unveiling of new art and new poetry shaped by a creative collaboration among Colorado artists and poets. Beginning with a “seed work” of visual art, our first poet composed a verse response and passed it on to another artist, who in turn responded with a fresh work of art that was then sent to the next poet. The process continued until eight new art works and eight new poems had emerged. Artists and poets worked in anonymity, so the unveiling will be full of exciting surprises for everyone involved.
Flyer for the Event click here for more info and to share.





Facebook Game

I posted this by Helen Frankenthaler for the Facebook Art game.

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